After loading you will see the title sequence. The play field is comprised of a maze of squares that make up platforms. These represent the Zoo of the Future, where our two characters FLIP the Kangaroo(TM), and MITCH the Monkey(TM), try to escape from captivity. Both want to get back to the circus, to see their friends, – the Muscle Man, the Lion, the Clown and all the others.

In order to escape from the Zoo, FLIP, and then MITCH, alternately try to flip over all the indicated squares. Every 5th level this will activate the magic ladder, which leads them to the circus below. First you are FLIP the Kangaroo, hopping from square to square, often with the Zoo Keeper(TM), in hot pursuit. Then the entire screen flips upside-down with Mitch the Monkey, hanging from the underside of the maze, swinging from square to square. Sometimes the Zoo Keepers Flying Net(TM) chases after you.